Connect With Your Animal

About Juli Best

All animal lovers have special bonds with their pets whether through feelings, talk, touch or a myriad of shared activities. While every pet parent has the ability to communicate with their animal, sometimes a person like me can help you hear your pet’s answers a little clearer.

My intention is to:

  • Help you have a better understanding of your pet
  • Communicate with, and hear your animal friend for you
  • Assist pet parents address concerns about their animal’s well being

I offer one-on-one conversations with animals – remotely. What does that mean? Simply put, I sit in a quiet place at my home and connect with your animal. I ask them questions that you have for them, or perhaps tell them things you want to say.

What is animal communication?

Animal communication is the process of telepathically connecting with your animal companion, whether the animal is next door, 3000 miles away, or has left its body.

Information that I receive can come from many different sources such as the personality, or the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

I have provided animal whispering for wild and tame creatures alike, such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, chinchillas, horses and hamsters. We’ve talked about how a cat felt about his human moving him from house to house so much, how a dog felt about the chickens, whether the hamster needed a vet visit and whether an older dog could have carpet runners put down on hardwood floors.

How does it work?

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I read animals that are alive, as well as those who have passed on, regardless of where you are located. I don’t need to meet animals in person to read them.

I ask for permission from your animal friend to chat with him or her on your behalf. I intuit words, sentences, feelings, pictures and bursts of knowledge.

The Process

You can communicate directly with your animals too, but it might be something as an animal mediator, I am more comfortable doing and more objective about.

When we’re concerned about our pets, sometimes an “outsider” can be a great help in finding out how they’re doing, what is ailing them or why they’re misbehaving. I know this works for me with my meowing assistant “Ava.”

I am animal/self taught and I started formal animal communication with family and friends over six years ago. Once referrals starting coming to me I knew I wanted to share this gift with more two and four legged people.

As a pet mediator, I have consulted with other communicators and alternative health care givers on occasion, but I’ve learned mostly through doing and the wonder-filled feedback from pets and their owners.