Although I am quite intuitive around felines, Juli has the ability to take it to the next level of communication. Over the last several years she has provided invaluable information from my two felines regarding their relationship with each another, with the one’s thoughts about his diabetes, his daily insulin injections, and his mortality.

Whenever I feel at a loss to understand changes in behaviour, I turn to Juli to get the answers.

Anni E. Alberta, CA

I had heard of Juli through a mutual friend so I contacted her to have a chat with Monty, my 3 year old cat. She told me that Monty was happy with me and that he had no desire for me to try to track down his first owner.

I found out he likes the name I gave him. I have had to move around a lot and Monty and I have had some rough times because of this. I contacted Juli when I knew Monty was very unhappy and she told me what he was feeling.

She also told him I was looking for a good home for us. Monty likes being the only kitty and I respect his wishes. I have a real appreciation for Monty and love that we can communicate.

I felt reassured that Monty liked being with me and have contacted Juli three times regarding him. I would not hesitate to use Juli again if necessary.

Holly F. Alberta, CA

Juli was truly instrumental in diagnosing an allergy and suggesting specific treatment for my 9 year old Airedale’s skin condition. Alicat had open crusty and bleeding sores covering her body with constant flare-ups making her extremely uncomfortable. Her coat was extremely greasy and flaky at the same time. I was the second owner as her first ones were tired with dealing with her expensive medications and constant scratching.

Today she is sore free, there are no more bald patches and she is much, much happier.

I need to mention that “Juli was relentless in her research.”

I have a much more comfortable and happy doggy.

Jann S. Alberta, CA

I bought my hamster companion animal Inez almost 2 years ago and was trying very hard to be the best loving guardian ever. I asked Juli to do a reading of Inez and was happy to learn food she likes and how she was emotionally. It was a great insight into her life and what I can do to make her happy.

Shalena B. Alberta, CA

Juli’s intuitiveness and insight on my cat gave me peace of mind that he knows he is well loved. She also enlightened me on how to be more in tune with my pet so I can distinguish his needs better.

Shelley K. Ontario, CA

Juli’s reading of our two cats helped us feel closer to “our girls” and understand them better. We feel more confident about their happiness, toy preferences, activity levels and the attention they need. Our animal readings reassured us that they were fine and didn’t want another kitty in our home.

Kyla and Chris B Alberta, CA