I connect with any creature from a mouse upwards in size.

I look at:

  • Personality (eg. likes, dislikes)
  • Deceased animals
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Health Issues
  • Transitions (eg. loss of family members, household moves, new babies/pets, blended families)

You name it!

What can a pet reading do for you?

An animal communication session can give you greater understanding of your pet and their wants and needs. Behavior and health solutions can be found.

A pet reading is very helpful when certified health practitioners such as veterinarians can’t find and cure an ongoing issue.

You can better understand food preferences, living arrangements, play time, illnesses, discomfort, time to say goodbye and their preferred method, to name a few things.

A pet communication can help you to make changes in your home or lifestyle for your pet, find the right solution if a health concern persists and let go of worry and guilt associated with your animal.

What can an intuitive animal connection do for your pet?

An animal consultation gives your pet a voice. A pet psychic reading helps pets communicate about their feelings, their health, their likes and dislikes. Often we discover a pet’s purpose in the family which often calms them down, especially in multi-pet households.

Because they communicate through their body language, eye contact, behavior and health, they can get frustrated and imbalanced if you don’t get it! Fear based aggression and other negative behaviors stem from our misunderstandings of each other.

What can you ask in a pet reading?

You can ask anything that relates to your animal!

Specific questions are best, yet some clients just want a general overview of how their pet is doing.

Health Assessment

I can provide a body scan whereby I enter your animal’s body energetically and feel for physical or other symptoms. I may learn that your favorite canine once had a cut on his left front paw and it’s nothing to worry about today.

How do you prepare for an animal reading?

Think of the questions you want to ask and type them on the one page animal communication questionnaire that I send you. Send the best photo of your animal that you have, showing his or her eyes and face. Make sure no other animals or people are present in the photo so I don’t start reading everyone.

After I connect with your animal one-on-one, we will have a follow-up telephone conversation and we’ll chat for about a half hour or so and I’ll tell you what I find.

Take a few notes during our call if you like!

What kinds of messages will your animal send you?

Animals and I have talked about life transitions like: new pets and family members in the home, moving, personality conflicts with humans and other animals, health issues and lots more.

We’ve laughed over ticklish spots, cage decorating habits, fun things they love to do with their humans, tricks they’ve played on each other as well as requested me to babysit them or talk to them “every night” while mom’s on a two week vacation.

Anything goes! Where they lead, I follow.